A bedroom is your personal space and it should be an accurate reflection of your personality. It serves as a personal retreat and private space for personal growth. Since the color sets the mood and overall feelings, the colors in this room should reflect your inner self by using your favorite colors to decorate this space.

Choosing bedroom wall paint is not an easy task because, while beautifying your room, you have to make sure that the kind of atmosphere you create is harmonious and comforting. It is even more difficult when you share your bedroom with a significant other!

Here are the 12 most important tips regarding your bedroom’s wall color:

  • select the colors that make you feel serene and calm
  • colors like blue, green and lavender are the best for bedrooms
  • cool colors make the room look slightly bigger and more airy
  • you can go in for quiet muted colors which are soothing and create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation
  • neutral shades offers a lot of flexibility and usually goes with any kind of interiors
  • neutral colors gives you the flexibility to give your bedroom a new fresh look by trying new and innovative ideas regarding bedding and artwork
  • warm colors will lend some youthful touch to your bedroom
  • warm hues like misty peach, delicate pink and buttery yellow can create a peaceful environment
  • you can really choose any color that suites your personality but select the lighter shades like pastels instead of deep shades
  • ceilings and floors colors work best when they are in the background and reasonably unnoticeable
  • paint on the walls comprises most of the color found inside the bedroom, secondary colors must be incorporated through decor and furnishings
  • using one powerful secondary color choice is far more appealing than more different shades
  • secondary colors should really compliment both your personal taste and wall paint.

To make sure the color scheme really matches you should use a color wheel.

color wheel

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