Painting your home could be both fun and rewarding, if you know what you are doing. Otherwise it could be a real paintfull experience, yes paintfull. Nobody likes paint peeling off, uneven wall surfaces, careless painted trims, paint stained carpets, doorknobs and door hinges. I am sure you also want to avoid any mess, get the job right from the first time in the most efficient way, and obtain excellent results.

Here are the typical steps for applying primer and paint:


  • prime all uncoated surfaces, patched and repaired areas, stained areas
  • prime all areas previously painted with oil-paint
  • apply a tinted primer when you make a dramatic color change

Painting Ceilings

  • use a roller for flat ceilings
  • for popcorn type ceilings use a paint sprayer
  • reaply if necessary after allowing the paint to dry
  • allow it to dry before masking the edges

Painting Walls

  • mask the edges
  • alternately you can skip masking if you are planning to use a paint edger
  • start in a top corner
  • use a brush cut in a 4 inch wide area around the perimeter
  • alternately, use a paint edger
  • using the roller apply paint on 3′ by 3′ areas
  • make sure you overlap the edges of the areas to get a smooth finish
  • reaply if necessary after allowing the paint to dry

Painting Trims

  • using masking tape or painters tape, mask the floor and the area of the wall near the trim
  • start to brush at the corner of the trim
  • alternately you can use a small paint roller
  • reaply if necessary after allowing the paint to dry

Clean Up


  • paint room surfaces in this order: ceiling, walls, windows, doors, trims, floors
  • to find out if a paint coating is oil-based rub the coat with alcohol using a clean white cloth
  • if the acohol cleans the surface without softening the coat, the paint is oil-based
  • if the paint transfers onto the coat, the paint is water-based
  • use high quality nylon or polyester brushes for latex finishes

Now it is really the time to step back and take a look. You should be proud of the work well done. It is also the time to ask for a kiss for your loved one and perhaps for some help to move back all the furniture, re-install all the doorknobs, paintings, switch plates and so on.

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