Are you bored with the look of your walls and you would like to try something new? You have kicked around a number of home decoration ideas, compared monochromatic, complementary, analogous, and triad color scheme options and your chose your preferred palette of colors. You have considered different styles but you really like moire wallcoverings or a marble effect. Paint smooshing technique will allow you to get astonishing results at a fraction of the cost.

Steps to Paint Smooshing

  1. Paint the wall with semi-gloss latex and let it dry overnight
  2. Mix the glaze with the pearl latex paint. Read carefully the manufactures in intructions to determine the right proportions
  3. Apply the glaze quickly on the wall. Typically the glaze has to be put on in les than 10 to 15 minutes. If you believe it will take longer, put the glaze in smaller sections
  4. Press a plastic drop sheet on the wet glaze
  5. Using your hands, smoth the plastic against the wall – wrinkle it to give it the desired form
  6. Carefully remove and dispose of the plastic
  7. Apply glaze on the next wall and repeat step 4 to 6

Tools and Materials Required

Latex Semi-Gloss Base Color

Latex Pearl Smooshing Color

Roller Frame and Covers

1 mil Thick Drop Sheets

Paint Glaze

Paint Tray

2 1/2″ Angled Sash Paint Brush

Drop Cloth


  • For large walls, buy a plastic roll. Smoosh a 6 foot sections, then go to the next one
  • Around ceiling and corners use a paint brush instead of a plastic sheet
  • You can try using the same color for the base and the glaze, e.g. dark blue over light blue
  • Tape off all the areas that will not be covered with glaze, e.g. window and door frames

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