You want or need to change the bathroom sink. Maybe you do a full remodeling of the bathroom. Maybe you are forced to replace an old sink. But you are going to go through the process of choosing a new sink and installing it. This is the perfect moment to take a little time and make a good decision, one that will enhance the looks and value of your house.

There are many choices on the market for bathroom sinks and all this variety can make the research and decision process less than satisfactory. This article presents the things you should consider along with some of the most popular options to help you make the best possible choice without headaches.

Things to consider when you choose a bathroom sink


This is where personal preference is paramount. If you do a full remodeling of the bathroom you can choose whatever style you like. It is advisable to be consistent and avoid for example mixing a copper bath tub with painted porcelain sink and toilet bowls. But this is your choice. If you only replace the sink you have to do some thinking about what works with the rest of the bathroom. It might be a good idea to also think about what goes with the rest of the house. If you have a very classic style in the house it might feel odd to go into an extremely modern bathroom.


Money often limit our choices but be budget conscious sometimes forces us to make common sense decisions. You can achieve a very nice look without breaking the bank. Usually you can replace a large part of the budget with creativity. Keep in mind that in the end this is a sink and the functional aspects are way more important than the looks. If the shape of the sink gets in the way of feeling comfortable while using it and annoys you every day then it is not worth it. after all you are not going to sit all day in the bathroom and admire your artistic sink.


The available space can play a decisive role in your choice. You might want a double sink vanity but if you have a small bathroom it might just not fit or look odd.


The shape of the sink will be influenced by the available space, preferences and desired style and maintenance. For example you can find sinks designed to be installed in a corner of the room.

Storage vs Floor Space

Depending on the available space and specific needs you will have to consider what is more important: storage space like in vanity sink solution with integrated drawers or a solution that will give you more floor space like a wall mounted sink or a pedestal sink.

Plumbing Restrictions

Sometimes the way the existing plumbing for the sink is done will limit your options. For example the water lines and drain pipes might come out of a wall or directly from the floor. Unless you are prepared for changing the plumbing (which can be expensive and might require more dramatic changes to your bathroom than you desire) you will have to settle for a solution that works. You might not want to install a wall mounted sink if the pipes come from the floor and they will be in full view. You might also not want to put a hole in the base of an expensive vanity to accommodate the same situation.


The color is also part of the style you want to achieve. From a clean white to comfort inducing beige and browns to bold modern striking colors you have lots of options and you will have to make a decision.


Nowadays the choice of materials for bathroom sinks is so wide that can blow your mind and budget away. Here is a short list of options:


White porcelain sink are a traditional choice that will keep the budget low. they come in most needed shapes like round, oval, square and even triangle for corner space. They can be mounted in a counter top or on a pedestal.

You also have the option colored porcelain which can be a very nice choice for style reasons. Children’s bathrooms can be brought to life with a pastel choice of colors.

A porcelain bowl can also be custom painted. Over the dry paint a glaze is applied and the sink is fired treated again.

Enameled Cast Iron

The great thing about the cast iron sink is that they can be painted in any color you need. The enamel also protects the sink from scratches and dents. They are also know to keep the water warm longer then other types of sinks if you need that.

Other metals like brass, steel, copper, chrome

There are many options for metal or metal coated sinks. While they look great and can certainly become a centerpiece for the style you want to achieve, you also have to understand what are the maintenance requirements for each type of material. For example copper sinks might change color. They can only be cleaned with certain cleaners. Also brass sinks are easily dented and scratched. Think of all these so you won’t be disappointed in the end. Better talk to a specialist.

Glass of various types

Glass sinks are many times the central styling piece of a bathroom. They come with a price but they can achieve that special elaborated look you want for your bathroom. There are different methods used to make glass sinks, from industrial processes to hand made pieces of art.


Various types of stone are used to make very stylish and of course expensive sinks. From marble sinks to onyx sinks if you have money to spend on style you can get them in beautiful unique shapes.


Yes wood, very expensive luxury wood sinks. Mahogany, birch, or teak is aged and dried. Then, glued together it is impregnated with wax and polished with a hard-wax oil. All this for beauty and durability. Still you have to be aware of the maintenance requirements since wood an water don’t go well together without special care. Your wooden sink should be waxed periodically and towel-dried after each use.


Wall mounted sink

This type of sink is hanged on the wall. It is common for small bathrooms where floor space is important. The plumbing should come out of the wall and should be done with care since in most cases is in full view.

Pedestal sink

A pedestal sink has, most of the times, two pieces: the sink and the pedestal. The sink is attached to a wall while the pedestal supports the weight and masks the under-sink plumbing.


An intriguing style of sink that can sometimes not be even attached to a wall. It can look like a piece of furniture will all the plumbing coming from the floor and being hidden in the base.

Counter-top sinks – integrated sink

You can get a solid surface counter tops molded with a bathroom sink integrated. Some are standard some are custom made. They look very good and are low maintenance.

Counter-top sinks – flush-mount sink

In this case the sink is mounted in such a way that there is no edge between the counter top and the sink edge.

Counter-top sinks – framed sink

A framed sink is installed in a vanity counter top. They are on the less expensive side of the spectrum. They are trimmed with a metal frame and can be made of various materials like porcelain or cast iron.

Counter-top sinks – drop-in sink

This type of sink is also installed in a counter top and due to the bigger margin they create a self trimming installation. They are installed with a clamp system from under the top to create the pressure neede for sealing the sink with the top.

Counter-top sinks – under mount sink

These sinks can only be installed with solid surface tops. They are mounted under the counter top. The finished margin of the top overhangs into sink. They can be made of various material like metals or porcelain.

Table top vessel sink

In this case the sink sits on top of a table or other piece of furniture. They require special faucets and sometimes special plumbing. They are desired for their style related statement but be aware sometimes they are not very practical.

Cabinet Style Vanity

You can also buy vanity and sink sets in various styles and with various price tags. When you buy a pre-made vanity/sink set you can get an excellent deal but you have to be sure it fit your space and plumbing requirements.

Sink on Furniture Pieces

This is a new(er) trend where the sink bowl is installed into or on furniture pieces in the bathroom. A bathroom sink bowl can also be installed on a table used as a pedestal.

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