You are looking for compact fluorescent light bulbs for your home but you do not really know their names and designations. Here is a comprehensive list of standard and commercially available compact fluorescent light bulbs, their names, how they look like, along with their base types.

Here are the typical compact fluorescent light bulbs types used in home fixtures:

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are typically use for lighting homes, offices, corridors, general lighting, hospitality and retail spaces. They are offered in 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, 4100 K, 5000 K lamp temperature and a wide range of wattages. The lower the lamp temparature the softer is the light. Typical lifetimes for a compact flourescent light bulbs are anywhere between 6000 and 10000 hours.

2-Pin compact fluorescent lamps are designed for preheat operation, and typically have an internal starter. 4-Pin lamps are dimmable and are designed for electronic ballst operation. The 4-pin lamps typically have no internal starter.

1. Single Twin Tube, 2-Pin

2. Double Twin Tube, 4 Pin

3. Double Twin Tube, 4 Pin

4. Triple Twin Tube, 4-Pin

5. Triple Twin Tube, Screw Base

6. Globe Screw Base

7. Reflector, Screw Base

8. Standard Screw, A-Line

9. Screw Twist

Compact Fluorescent Base Types

Here are the standard base types for compact fluorescent light bulbs:

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