Are you looking at designing stone stairs for your patio? The depth of the stair step should be around two times its height and the stair should not have more than three steps on any flight of stairs. Does the distance between the bottom of the patio door to the ground calls for more than three stair steps? No problem, I will show you few creative stair designs.

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Building stairs with more than three steps will most likely result in out of proportions stairs if your patio is not very large. Also, the massive amount of compacted gravel may crack the basement wall resulting in water leaking into your basement.

Should you need more than three stair steps I do recommend you to adopt a more creative solution. However, for the men out there who do not learn by reading and would like to see for themselves, here is how to repair a basement water leak.

Here are few creative stairs design solutions:

1. Lower the top stairs landing, raise the bottom stairs landing and/or use a slightly higher step. This solution may prove very effective in solving your problem.

2. Raise the level of the patio such that three stair steps will be enough. If choosing this solution, here is how to build a raised patio.

3. If none of the previous solutions work for your, or appeal to you, building an intermediate landing may prove the solution you should be looking at.

Intermediate Landing

Here is how will look from above.

Intermediate Landing from Above

Adding planters and other ornamental or functional features such as balusters will definitely enhance the appearance of your stone stairs. So will increase the cost and the time spent on building your stone stairs.

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