When you tackle a new DIY task any help and advice form experts or other people who already did it is invaluable. Handymen are known not only for the stubbornness with which they do everything by themselves but also for the pleasure they get from giving advice. Internet forums are the perfect place to ask for advice. From home improvement to gardening to car repairs DIY forums give you a chance to talk to somebody who encountered the same problem as yours or at least a very similar one.

To help you, all the DIY handymen out there, I compiled a list of internet forums for the “do it yourself” handyman. The list is ordered by number of posts but I altered it a bit in some cases where the forum statistics were not easily available. Keep in mind, the numbers are valid for August 2008 and they will change in time.

To shorten the load time I split the list in 3 pages:

  1. Forums 1-7
  2. Forums 8-14
  3. Forums 15-21

Enjoy the chats with your fellow handymen and don’t forget to contribute and help others with your answers.

Forums 1-7

  1. forum.doityourself.com

    Threads: 293,723, Posts: 1,246,123, Members: 166,702
  2. forums.houseandhome.com

    Threads: 21,710, Posts: 194,600, Members: 11,324
  3. www.diychatroom.com

    Threads: 24,150, Posts: 148,479, Members: 29,225
  4. www.terrylove.com

    Threads: 20,787, Posts: 139,418, Members: 19,820
  5. www.diydiscussed.com

    Threads: 18,483, Posts: 43,044, Members: 31,620
  6. www.diydoctor.org.uk

    Threads: ?, Posts: 32,907, Members: 15,906
  7. www.diyforums.net

    Threads: ?, Posts: ~26,000, Members: 7,301
  1. Forums 1-7
  2. Forums 8-14
  3. Forums 15-21

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