Buying garden and patio furniture is fun, even a stress releasing hobby for some, and affording to change your garden and patio furniture every year is great. However, some of us are wondering how to effectively protect the investment made in the wonderfull patio dining set, garden bistro set, patio umbrella, patio swing, outdoor fireplace, patio light, patio lantern, hammock and solar bug killers.

Why Maintain Garden and Patio Furniture?

  • Having a nice garden and patio furniture add joy to your life
  • Garden and patio furniture costs hundreads of dollars, some times even thousands
  • Taking care of your outdoor furniture is very important in protecting your investment
  • Knowing how to care for your patio furniture is key to making your patio set last as long as possible
  • The most popular patio furniture being sold today will last many years, but require special care and treatment

How to Care for your Garden and Patio Furniture

  • buy aluminum patio sets – they are more expensive but do not rust and have longer lifetime
  • for steel steel patio sets, touch paint any scratches as soon as you get the chance to prevent rusting
  • if rust is present, sand the rust down and paint to avoid further damage to the frame
  • protecting all your oudoor furniture from the elements will greatly enhance their lifetime
  • bring your cushions inside on rainy days
  • keep the cushions dry to lengthen the life of the fabric
  • invest in some outdoor furniture covers and protect your furniture in bad weather
  • store all garden and patio furniture away during winter time
  • do not forget to stow away your patio and garden lights, garden lanterns and garden torches
  • buying or building a shed makes perfect sense
  • clean outdoor furniture regularly

How to Clean Outdoor Patio Furniture

1. Aluminum Furniture

  • do not rust, therefore stay rust-free during their lifetime
  • aluminum pieces come either painted or powder coated
  • if not coated or painted, paint or coat the aluminim frames with acrylic powder
  • regularly clean the frames with water and mild soap
  • apply annualy a coat of wax will help to prevent pitting and allow for easy cleaning/li>

2. Wrought Iron and Steel Furniture

  • apply wax or naval jelly to protect the frames from corroding or rusting
  • wrought iron needs to be painted annually to prevent rust
  • for steel frames, touch paint any scratches as soon as you get the chance to prevent rusting
  • if rust is present, sand the rust down and paint to avoid further damage to the frame
  • regularly clean the wrought iron and steel frames with water and mild soap

3. Wooden Outdoor Furniture

  • if coated with an exterior-grade varnish can be cleaned with water and mild soap
  • thouroughly rinse the furniture with clean water
  • must be stored indoors during the winter with the exception of teak and cedar furniture
  • teak and cedar furniture can also benefit from not being expesed to the elements during winter
  • for teak furniture, reapply varnish annually to preserve the look
  • all the other woods will look better and last longer if coated annually with a wood sealer

4. Fabric Outdoor Furniture

  • machine-washed using the gentle cycle
  • add bleach for white items
  • do not machine-dry, hang outside to dry
  • stretch back over the frame before the fabric is completely dry to avoid shrinkage
  • cover fabric furniture when raining and store indoors during the winter

5. Patio Acrylic Cushions

  • removed from the frame before cleaning
  • clean using a sponge, mild soap and water
  • thouroughly rinse the furniture with clean water
  • dry completely before using or storing to prevent mildew
  • remove mildew with a solution of one gallon of water, two cups of detergent and one cup of bleach
  • never wrap cushions in plastic when in storage – plastic wrapping promotes mildew any moisture is present

6. Outdoor Resin Furniture

  • requires the least amount of care
  • however, it needs the most periodic care due to its susceptibility to the elements
  • spray off with clean water and allow to air dry
  • use a gentle abrasive to remove any scuff marks
  • remove mildew use a solution of two cups of detergent and one cup of bleach in one gallon of water

7. Outdoor Rattan Furniture

  • largely immune to the elements
  • will look better and last longer is it is coated regularly
  • use a protective finish such as a weatherproof plastic coating

8. Plastic Patio Furniture

  • apply mild detergent to plastic and allow to soak
  • scrub with a stiff brush and hose to wash clean
  • add a few drops of oil or silicon at all hinges
  • protect from sun if not being used fo rlonger period of times – exposure to sun will fade or yellow plastic furniture

9. Wicker Outdoor Furniture

  • clean using a hose or pressure washer to remove dirt and spills
  • if very dirty use a sponge, mild soap and cold water to wash
  • allow the furniture to dry and wax the frame
  • do not wash wicker too often to enhance its lifetime

10. Patio Umbrellas

  • wash covers using a soft-bristled brush, mild soap and cold water
  • lubricante all joints of wire-frame umbrellas
  • wax the farmes of wooden-frame umbrella to restore shine
  • staw away if extended period of rain
  • fold the umbrella down if not being used
  • store patio umbrellas indoors during the winter

Here are More Maintenance Ideas for Patio Furniture:

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