Why the grading of you back or front yard is important?

Our houses look great but they are made mostly out of cardboard and paper clips. I have almost forgot, there are also some shingles and few things meant to keep the water away from the house.

Keeping water away from your house prevents costly repairs and grading your backyard plays a critical role.

Typically this is how the water is prevented from ruining your house.

Crawl Basement

For folks up North, it may look like this

Full Hight Basement

Deeper freezing line means deeper foundation walls and, on the bright side, full height basements.

But other people are really scared of water … and their homes may look like this.

House on Posts

The most important think to remember is that by building a patio you must not prevent water from running away from your house. If you forget, your insurance company will surely remind you should you make a claim.

Here are few examples on how to allow water to run away from your house.

Water Flow Above View Water Flow Above View

Water Flow Frontal View Water Flow Frontal View

Water Flow Lateral View Water Flow Lateral View

Same rules apply for anything you may ever build on your back or front yard. Keep that water away … send in the beer.

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