If you don’t want to shut off the water in the whole house to work on a sink or if you don’t want to run down in the basement to shut off the water when you get an overflowing toilet or a broken faucet then you might want to install a shut-off valve on every pipe leading to a sink or toilet in your home.

This article describes how do DIY shut-off valve installation for PEX pipes.

  1. Shut-off the water from the main shut-off valve in your basement
  2. Get a few towels since some water will spill when you’ll cut the pipes
  3. Cut the pipes with a PEX pipe cutter or with a serrated knife
  4. Shorten the pipes with the length of the shut-off valve
  5. Slip cripm rings on the pipes and push the shut-off valve connectors in the pipes
  6. Using a crimping tool fasten the crimp rings
  7. Check if the crimp rings are properly installed with a go/no-go gauge
  8. Put the shut-off valve in the ON position and turn the water supply on in the house
  9. Check for any leaks
  10. Test your new shut-off valve
  11. Repeat for every sink and toilet for both cold and hot water lines

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