You have already choose a Joist Mount, Wall Mount, Corner-Mounted, Above the Dooror Ceiling Mount Pull-up Bar and now you wonder how to install it in your home. Properly installing the bar is very important for the integrity of you home and your safety. Regardless of the bar type, here are sound basic principles to successfully install your pull-up bar.

  • make sure the bar you selected easily support at least twice your weight. As you may know, doing for example clap pull-ups the bar has to support you dynamic weight (your body in rapid motion) which is considerably higher that you static weight (you body in slow motion or no motion)
  • select a place with at last 3′ clearance from the closest wall.
  • make sure you attach the bar from a fixed and sturdy part of your home such as a concrete wall or ceiling, wall studs, and ceiling joist.
  • make sure you tighten the bar with appropriate and well sized bolts – to support 200 -350 lbs use at least 4 wood or masonry bolts of 3/8″ at least 4 bolts of at least 3/8″, depending on where you intend to install the bar
  • do not install the bar in drywall only – make sure you screw the bolt in a wall stud or ceiling joist
  • before you install the bolts, drill pilot holes to avoid cracking the wall studs or the ceiling joist.

Here is how I installed my joist mounted pull-up bar.

Joist Pull-up Bar

If you find installing the bar a bit complex, you may consider a Door Gym type bar or a Station Gym. None of those bar type require any installation, but choose wisely.

For additional information, read our article “10 Pull-ups bars you can install in your home gym“.

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