Almost any company selling garage doors offer installation services with the purchase of a new garage door. However, for a true do-it-yourself handyman, installing a sectional garage door can be both fun and rewarding. It allows him to tackle an interesting project and save few hundred dollars in the process.

Steps to Installing a Garage Door

  • attach the weather strip to the bottom of the first panel
  • loosely install all the required wall mounted brackets and jamb mounted brackets
  • place the first door panel in place
  • attach the hinges to the top edge of the door panel
  • install the door rollers at one side of the doorway
  • place the track over the rollers and position the track so the rollers are all the way in the hinges
  • repeat at the other side
  • drill pilot holes for the lag screws and fasten the track’s holding brackets to the jambs
  • fasten the brackets securely to the tracks
  • place the next door panel on top of the first one
  • fasten the door panels together according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • attach the hinges to the top edge of the second door panel
  • place and fasten additional door panels until the height of the assembled panels reach the height of the first track section
  • attach the hinges to the top edge of the last door panel
  • install the next track section and continue installing additional door panels until the last panel gets installed
  • install the curved and fasten them to the holding brackets
  • install the horizontal door tracks and support them with ropes
  • make sure the tracks are properly aligned and secure them in place with punched metal supports
  • remove the ropes
  • test the garage door installation
  • install and adjust the garage door’s spring assembly

How to Test a Garage Door Installation?

  • carefully lift the door little by little
  • stop the door and verify if the rollers stay into the tracks properly as the door gets further lifted
  • adjust the tracks as required

How to Install and Adjust the Garage Door’s Spring Assembly

  • fasten the spring assembly to the door and attach safety spring holders, following the manufacturer’s instructions
  • adjust the spring tension according to manufacturer’s directions so the door opens and closes easily

Important Caution Notes about Garage Door Springs

  • energy stored in these coiled up springs unleashed accidentally can cause serious injury
  • if not comfortable, never attempt to install or adjust them yourself
  • it is very important that torsion springs are correctly adjusted
  • inadequate tension can be dangerous if you are opening and closing the door manually and can damage garage door openers

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