Parquet floors are easy to install and extremely durable. With its interesting patterns, parquet flooring allows for elegant floor designs at afordable prices.

Tips for Installing Parquet

Make sure the subfloors are:

  • clean
  • level
  • structuraly sound
  • dry

If subfloors are not clean, level, structuraly sound and dry:

  • Scrape the subfloor and broom clean
  • Remove any wax, paint, oil, sealers, adhesives, curing agents and debris
  • Make sure the subfoor is leveled within 3/16″ in 10′ and/or 1/8″ in 6′
  • Sand high areas or joints, fill low areas with cement leveling compound
  • Replace any water-damaged, swollen or delaminated subfloor areas
  • Screw any loose areas that squeak
  • Check moisture content of the subfloor with a reliable moisture meter and dry the subfloor if the moisture is higher than 30% by starting the heating system within the house.

Tools and Materials

Steps to Installing Parquet

  • Mark the center of each wall and draw your reference lines beween the opposite walls
  • Lay out and dry run parquet panels from the center to the walls along each line – if more than 1/2 of the last panel must be cut, adjust the lines
  • Apply adhesive for the first panel – use a notched trowel at 45 degrees
  • Place the first panel – keep it well aligned to the reference lines
  • Apply adhesive for 8 panels on two adjacent sides of the first panel
  • Place the next 8 panels – hold it at 45 degrees and lock the tongue-and-groove before lowering the panel into the adhesive
  • Tap the panels with a rubber mallet
  • Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you reach the last row
  • For the last row, measure, cut and lay the panels
  • Roll the 150 pound floor roller within a couple of hours after installing the floor

Additional Tips

  • Make sure there is a 1/2″ expansion gap between the edge of the panel and the wall
  • For diagonal layouts rotate your reference lines by 45 degrees and follow the same steps
  • Use cardboard templaters to cut the panels along the walls and at the corners
  • After installation, do not walk on the floor for at least 24 hours

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