Garage door weather stripping seals the garage door and prevents dust from entering your garage in windy days, prevents heat from getting out during cold days or getting in the hot days. Installing agarage door weather stripping bring the benefits of cleaner, warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer garage and lower electricity bills.

Installing Weather Stripping for a Wood Garage Door

  • measure the width and height of your garage door
  • purchase the weather strip – get a few extra feet just to be on the safe side
  • if your are replacing old garage door weather stripping, remove the old stripping with a pry bar and a hammer
  • open the garage door just enough to comfortably get to the bottom of the door
  • unroll the bottom weather stripping
  • place the stripping at the bottom of the door, the flat part toward the door, and nail it every 5 to 6 inches
  • cut off any additional garage door stripping by using a pair of scissors
  • close the garage door
  • add weather stripping to the sides following the same process as for the bottom of the garage door
  • trim the ends if the garage door weather stipping and glue together
    at the corners
  • test the door if properly sealed and for proper and easy operation

Tools and Materials Required

Tips for Installing Weather Stripping to Wood Garage Doors

  • when removing the old stripping, handle the pry bar and the hammer carefully to avoid damaging the garage door and the door jambs
  • most garage door weather strips come with nails, if not use roof nails
  • do not trim the weather stripping before nailing it in place – this way you make sure you cut it at the right length
  • bying self-adhesive weather strips will make the installation simpler but the garage door weather stipping will not be as thightly secured

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