Your carpet got damaged by a stuborn stain which cannot be removed with any cleaner or got burned by a cigarette? Here is how you can easy and conveniently repair any carpet spot damage.

Steps to Repairing a Light Carpet Burn

  • if only the tips of the carpet fibers are damaged, the first thing to do is to try and carefully trim the burned carpet tips.
  • lightly clean the area with a mild detergent solution
  • rinse with a damp sponge with clear water
  • brush lightly with a soft brush and the slightly lower spot will most of the times become unnoticeable
  • if the burn is deeper or the carpet has been stained and the stain cannot be cleaned up, replacing the damaged area is the only option

Steps to Repairing a Carpet Spot Damage

  • remove damaged area with cookie cutter tool
  • cut a replacement from a scrap carpet using the same cookie cutter tool
  • insert double face carpet tape under the area
  • place the patch into place making sure its direction of the pile or the pattern align with the pile or patern of the carpet
  • firmly press the edges onto the padding
  • apply seam adhesive onto the edge of the patch
  • let the adhesive dry for several hours before walking on the patch

Tools and Materials Required

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