No one likes to get stuck due to a garage door refusing to open. The truth is that simple and periodic garage door maintenance will definitely guarantee that your garage door will never break down and it will last for the lifetime of your home.

Periodic Garage Door Maintenance

  • check garage door’s operation
  • inspect the garage door for wear and tear – if you find any signs damage, repair the garage door before using it again
  • clean and lubricate all moving parts at least twice a year
  • test and adjust the safety reverse

How to Check Garage Door’s Operation

  • if electric opener is present, disengage the opener to allow for manual door operation
  • check the door’s balance and test it for smooth operation

How to Inspect Garage Door for Wear and Tear

  • inspect door springs, cables, rollers and look for signs of wear or broken parts
  • straighten misaligned tracks – loosen tracks’ screws, adjust the tracks and tighten the screws to hold the track in place

How to Clean and Lubricate Moving Parts

  • clean the tracks with a rag or a soft brush
  • spray automotive degreaser on the tracks and wipe them clean with a rag
  • clean all rollers and hinges with a soft brush
  • lubricate roller-wheel axles and hinge pins with garage door lubricant
  • clean and lubricate the locking mechanism (for doors without electric opener)
  • apply a light coat of oil on the drive chain, pulleys and springs

How to Test and Adjust the Safety Reverse

1. place an obstacle in the door way

  • open the garage door
  • place a block of wood in the door opening, then activate the door
  • if the door does not reverse when it hits the wood block, adjust the close limit per your owner’s manual

2. simulate a person or pet passing through while closing the door

  • open the garage door
  • activate the door and while door is closing place a piece of cardboard in front of the laser sensor near the base of the door – this will simulate a person or pet passing through the door opening while the door is closing
  • the door should reverse to its open position and most doors will issue and audible signal – if the door still closes consult your owner’s manual on how to adjust it

How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

  • check all of the hardware for any loose or broken rollers, tracks, nuts or bolts
  • replace any broken parts and tighten all the loose parts
  • clean and lubricate all moving part by applying a light coat of oil on the drive chain, hinges, track, pulleys and springs


  • the door springs and related hardware are under high tension and can cause severe injury if handled improperly
  • although most garage door repairs can be handled by a handyman, call in a qualified garage-door service technician for complex tasks

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