You noticed that your basement or garage floor needs some patching and leveling. No problem, here are easy to follow steps on how to repair, fix or patch uneven concrete surface and missing cement pieces or cracked cement or concrete surfaces.

Depending on the type of the damage here is how to proceed:

Steps to Patching Concrete Surfaces

  • remove any loose or flaky concrete using a masonery chisel and a hammer
  • vaccum the floor
  • apply floor-patching compound
  • use a trowel to make smooth transitions to surrounding areas
  • scrap the area smooth once the patching compound has cured

Tools and Materials Required

Steps to Leveling a Cement Floor

  • remove any loose material using a chisel and a putty knife
  • clean concrete of any dust, oils, dirt and paint residue
  • apply a layer of concrete primer using a paint roller
  • allow concrete to completely dry
  • mix the floor leveler with water per manufacturer’s instructions
  • pour the leveler and spread it quickly using a rake
  • use a trowel to make sure the leveler is flush with the uncovered surface
  • let the leveler dry per manufacturer’s instructions

Tools and Materials Required


  • Do not atempt to level out the grading of the floor as 1/2″ distributed over 4 linear foot is typically required for drainage of condensed moisture.

Additional steps before painting the concrete surface or building a subfloor:

  • verify the level of radioactive radon gas in your basement before building a basement subfloor
  • verify the level of moisture before painting a concrete basement or garage floor

Here is More Information About Radon Gas in Homes

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Detecting Radon
Mitigation Methods

How to Verify the Level of Moisture in Cement or Concrete Surfaces

  • tape a 1 square foot of clear plastic on the concrete surface for 24 hours
  • if there is moisture on the plastic after 24 hours you have a moisture problem – here is how to fix a moisture problem

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