You decided, or only mearly agreed, to finish the basement or paint the garage floor but you noticed some cracks in the concrete and you do not know what to do. Fear not, here is a simple way of repairing cracks in any concrete floor.

Tools and Materials Required:

Plastic Sheet


Wire Brush

Paint Brush

Bonding Agent



Cleaning Sponge

Steps for Repairing Concrete Floors:

  • deepen the edge of the crack using a chisel
  • clean the area with a wire brush
  • remove dirt and loose material
  • apply a layer of bonding agent using manufacturer’s instructions – use a paint brush
  • mix the concrete
  • fill the crack with concrete and compact it using a trowel
  • smooth the surface using the edge of the trowel
  • even the patch using the flat surface of the trowel
  • smooth out again with a damp sponge
  • cover with plastic and let dry

Tips for Repairing Concrete Floors:

  • clean throughly for long lasting results
  • for deep cracks apply concrete in 1/4″ layers
  • allow concrete layers to dry before applying a new one on top of it

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