Your vinyl floor got a number of small scratches, cuts, burns or worn out areas of significant size. You can repair all the damage by following the simple steps outlined below.

How to Aproach a Vinyl Floor Repair

  • fuse small scratches and cuts with liquid seam sealer
  • patch larger damaged areas
  • if vinyl is worned out and full of damaged areas, replace the entire vinyl covering

Tools and Materials

Heat Gun Kit


Carpenter’s Square

Putty Knife

Vinyl Sealer

Floor Scraper

Utility Knife

Streight edge

Notched Trowel

Mineral Spirits

Vinyl Adhesive

Wax Paper


Masking Tape

Steps to Patching Vinyl Floors

  • dry lay a scrap vinyl on to of the damaged area and match the patterns
  • loosely mark on the scrap vinyl an area somehow larger than the damaged area
  • place the scrap vinyl on top of a scrap plywood
  • loosely cut the vinyl following the marks – use an utility knife and a carpernter’s square or a streightedge
  • place the new vinyl on top of the damaged area – make sure to align the patterns
  • tape the new vinyl with duct tape
  • cut through the new vinyl and old vinyl – use an utility knife and a carpernter’s square or a streightedge
  • remove the new vinyl patch
  • heat the damaged area with a heat gun and carefully remove the old vinyl with a putty knife
  • scape all the adhesive with the utility knife
  • clean the subfloor with mineral spirits to remove all the adhesive leftover
  • scrape clean the subfloor using a floor scraper
  • apply adhesive onto the back of the vinyl patch – use a 1/4″ v-notch trowel
  • place the patch in place staring from one edge
  • roll a j-roller over to create a strong bond
  • wipe out any exccess adhesive with a damp cloth
  • let the adhesive dry for 24 hours
  • clean the seam area with lacquer thinner
  • apply seam sealer onto the cutlines

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