Your beautifull ceramic floor suffered an impact with a heavy object such as a pressing iron or the likes. One of the tiles or more are cracked and you do not really know what to do to replace the cracked ceramic tile. With a bit a patience and skill your ceramic floor will look again unblemished.

Steps to Replacing Cracked Ceramic Tiles

  • Remove the grout arond the damaged tile – use a carbide tipped grout saw
  • Pry the tile with a chisel and a hammer – tap gently from the center toward the edge to avoid damaging the surounding tiles
  • Remove all the thin-set adhesive from the area
  • Sandpaper to smooth the edges
  • Fill any gouges with epoxy-based thinset mortar if the underlayment is cementboard; for plywood use self leveling cement
  • Allow the thin-set mortar to dry
  • Apply thinset adhesive on the back of the new tile – use a 1/4″ notched trowel
  • Place the tile in place and press it until is even with the surounding tiles
  • Place spacers in between the tile and the surounding tiles
  • Place a wood block on top and lightly tap it with a hammer until the tile is flush with the surface ofthe floor
  • Remove the spacers with a needlenose pliers
  • Remove any thinset adhesive out of the grout joints – use a small screwdriver
  • Wipe any adhesive from the surface of the tile -use a damp cloth or sponge
  • Let the tile to set for 24 hours and apply grout into the grout joints with a putty knife
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