You had a blast cutting your Christmas tree from a tree farm. You had a sleigh ride with your kids through the woods where you had the chance to see Santa Claus for a moment, or you think you had. You choose your perfect Christmas tree and are ready to decorate your tree but you are not quite sure where to begin. Here are some good tips and ideas on how to set up and care for your most amazing Christmas tree ever.

How to set the tree up

Christmas Globe

  • Cut the stump of the tree with a fresh cut and set it in a stand that has a good size water reservoir.
  • Should your stand has a bottom stability spike at the bottom of the reservoir, drill a pilot hole at the bottom of the tree stump for additional stability
  • Secure the tree in its stand – make sure it is straight up and well clamped otherwise it may tip over.
  • Decorate the tree by putting on the lights first, then the garlands and then the ornaments.

Tips on decorating the Christmas tree

  • Start with the lights first by arranging them from the base of the tree towards the top.
  • Christmas Tree

  • Place basic filler ornaments evenly distributed – to establish a good color scheme use approximately 10 solid color balls of your choice for every feet of your Christmas tree.
  • Place special themed ornaments between the basic ones. These can be evenly distributed or you can group them if for example the ornaments are part of the same theme or story.
  • Place heavier ornaments toward to base of the branches and the lighter ones toward their tip.

Tips on caring for your Christmas tree

  • Just before setting up your Christmas tree make a fresh stump cut, secure the tree in its stand and add water immediately in the water reservoir. The cut should remove at least 1/2 inch from the base of the trunk.
  • Mix ½ cup (approx. 250 g) of sugar with 1 quart (approx. 1 liter) and add it to the water reservoir.
  • Check and refill the water level several times a day for the first few days. Add plain, clean tap water and do not add anymore sugar.
  • Place your Christmas tree away from air drafts, fireplaces, heaters, furnace vents or electronic equipment such as television sets.
  • Unplug you Christmas tree lights when leaving home or going to bed.


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