A good set of knives is essential to have in any kitchen. But even the best knife will lose its sharpness over time. There is nothing more annoying, when preparing food, than a dull knife.

Sharpening a knife is not hard but you have to be prepared.

The tools used for maintaining the fine edge of your knives are:

The hand held sharpener will be used less often when a knife needs the edge restored. It will regrind and hone the edge of the blade fast and without effort.

Grab the handle of the sharpener, place the blade of the knife in the slot and draw it 5-6 times from the base to the tip applying moderate force.

To maintain the fine edge of your knife in top condition apply this procedure from time to time, even before the edge becomes dull.

  1. Prepare your working place on a flat surface. Use a cutting board or a towel to protect the surface.
    Knife Sharpening
  2. Place the the sharpening steel vertically with the tip on a wooden cutting board or a towel.
    Knife Sharpening
  3. Start with the tip of the knife blade at the top of the sharpening steel. The edge of the blade should touch the sharpening rod at a 20 degrees angle.
    Knife Sharpening
  4. Press the edge of the blade against the sharpening rod with a moderate force.
  5. Describing an arc, pull the blade down with a circular motion. When you reach the bottom of the sharpening steel the blade should touch it close to the knife handle. Keep the blade in touch with the sharpening steel during the movement.
    Knife Sharpening
  6. Repeat this movement 5-10 times alternating each side of the blade.
    Knife Sharpening
    Knife Sharpening
  7. Do not move too fast, the speed is not important. Keep the speed under control so the 20 degrees angle is maintained during the movement.
  8. Check the blade for metal burr and clean it with cloth. For stubborn burr run the blad through a soft piece of wood.

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