You took radon gas measurements and the reading came out above 2 PCi/L or 74 Bq/m3? Radon-caused lung cancer kills more people than car accidents. You must take action and mitigate the level of radon gas in your home!

Although nobody seams to have got out alive from this life, we all have to do our best to enjoy a long and happy journey. We owe it to ourselves and to our loved ones!

Fan-Based Radon Mitigation Systems use a sub-slab depressurization technique which has been found to be the most effective at mitigating indoors radon levels. By installing an In-Line Radon Fan along with a vent pipe you would get a so called fan-based radon mitigation system.

Here is what you need to install a fan-based radon mitigation system:

The fan-based radon mitigation system creates low pressure under the basement slab by pumping and venting the radon outside the home.

Radon Venting

Ideally the venting pipe should exhaust the radon gas above the roof of your home as shown in (1). However, installing such pipe may prove extremely difficult, if not impossible, in most existing homes. A more atractive solution is exhausing the radon gas through a venting pipe installed into the side wall as shown in (2). It goes without saying that you must not exhaust the radon gas on your patio or tomatoes garden. Alternately, you can run the venting pipe along the outside wall (3), if esthetics are not a concern.

Here is a Fan-Based Radon Mitigation System currently in service.

Radon Mitigation

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