When you are planning for a DIY ceramic tile installation project you have to know in advance what materials and tools you will need. Here is a detailed list of materials and tools used for ceramic tiles projects. Of course you still have to calculate the quantities of materials for your actual situation.

The work on a ceramic tile floor project is basicaly divided in 3 phases:

  1. Floor and tile underlayment
  2. Laying tiles
  3. Applying grout


When you start a ceramic tile project first you have to make sure everything is right with the surface you are going to install on. You have to make sure the subfloor is secure in place and you have to use a suitable underlayment solution.

Floor screws

Floor nails

Floor underlayment

For your specific situation you have to pick an underlayment solution. This will depend on the nature of the subfloor, the type of tile and the types of flooring next to the tiles. Common solutions are plywood, durock, fiberock, ditra

Adhesive for underlayment

Based on the type of underlayment used you might need to use some kind of adhesive (cement).

Ceramic tiles

They are obviously the most important material for your tiling project. Order 5-10% more to cover defects and mistakes.

Adhesive for tiles (cement)

Tile spacers


Choosing the type of grout (with sand or without sand) depends on the kind of tiles you use and the dimension of the space between the tiles. You can pic a color close to the tile colr or a contrasting color based on your preferences and the look you want to achieve.

Grout sealant


While working on the tiling project you will use a variety of tools for each of the three phases.


Any non-trivial DIY project that involves tools requires some level of personal protection. Laying tiles will keep you in an uncomfortable position on your knees and you will work with corosive materials. Also don’t forget to protect your eyes.

Knee pads


Protection glasses

Floor underlayment work phase

Before you can start laying tiles you have to deal with the previous flooring solution. This might involve removing underlayment, reinforcing subfloor and installing underlayment.

Wrecking bars


Electric drill

Undercut saw or jamb saw



Tile laying phase

Laying ceramic tile on the floor involves mostly applying adhesive and cutting tiles to size.


Tile cutter

Tile wet saw


Spacer removal tool

Tile pliers


Rod saw

Hack saw

Grouting phase

The last phase of your project requires to fill the spaces between tiles with grout and in the end to seal the grout.

Grout bag

Grout float

Grout sponge

Grout saw

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