It is being said that good preparation is the key the excellent results and I am totally in agreement … as long as I do not forget what I was trying to acomplish while preparing. Painting your home is not different. The better you prepare the most satisfied you will be with the results and the less frustrating experience you will have.

Here are the typical steps for a successful painting project:

1. Select color scheme

Choosing a color scheme suitable for your home is very important not only from esthetics perspective but also from overall wellness perspective.

One way is to keep all the main areas in one color (walls, carpet or rugs, ceiling, drapes, couches) and add accent colors with items such as furniture, scatter pillows, pictures, vases and lamp bases. If you would like to use more colors in your scheme is better to choose hues close together. To get a natural color balance, use the darkest on the floor, lighter on the walls, and the lightest on the ceiling.

Here you can find more about selecting a color scheme for your home:

2. Estimate quantity of primer and paint

Typically a gallon of paint covers in between 300 and 400 square foot depending on paint and surface texture.

By dividing the total square footage of the surface you would like to paint by the amount of square footage covered by one gallon you will get the number of gallons required.

To calculate square footage, multiply the width by the height of each wall and then add the figures together. Then, substract form this area the square footage of all surfaces that will not be painted such as doors, windows, fireplaces, and so on.

3. Select Primer and Paint

After you selected the style and the color scheme, your should decide on the quality and the sheen of the primer and paint you should use.

The sheen of the paint will influence the look and the durability of the finish an here you can find detailed information about how to select a sheen – How to Select a Paint and a Paint Sheen

In regards to the primer, your should consider tinted primer if you are planning a dramatic change in color from the previous finish.

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4. Shop for required tools and supplies

Getting the required tools in one pit-stop will allow you to finish your painting job faster and avoid numerous trips to your prefered tools and supplies store. I know … I know, almost everyone likes to travel. I do too but I always prefer a nice beach destination over a trip to a store.

Before you rush to your preferred tools and supplies store, check out our comprehensive list of tools and supplies required for your painting adventure – Tools and Supplies for Painting Your Home

Should you rather like to have the supplies delivered to your home, you can buy them on-line:

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5. Prepare workspace

Properly preparing will guaranty excellent results both in terms of esthetics and durability of the painting. Here are the typical steps for preparing a painting workspace – Prepare your Painting Workspace

6. Apply primer and paint

If you new at painting I am sure you would like to take a look at what needs to be done to get a perfect painting job. Here are the typical steps for applying primer and paint – 5 Easy Steps to Apply Primer and Paint

Other Things to Consider

Should you like to go for more elegant finishes check out:

Successfully completing your project secures you excusive bragging rights for 5 years. The rights extend even more if you use high quality paint and you are not into re-painting or selling your house every couple of years.

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