Have you ever seen paint peeling off, uneven wall surfaces, careless painted trims, paint stained carpets, doorknobs and door hinges? These are typically the results of not carefully preparing a painting workspace. Properly preparing will guaranty excellent results both in terms of esthetics and durability of the painting. Not to mention that the results will really please your wife, or significant other, and will boost your confidence.

Here are the typical steps for preparing a painting workspace:

Remove what you can

Protect what is left

Repair imperfections

Prepare glossy surfaces

  • scuff and sand all glossy surfaces to provide proper adhesion
  • remove dust with a damp rag and allow to dry

Clean the surface

Now it is really the time to take a break before you go onto applying primer and paint on the ceiling, walls, windows, doors, baseboard, door trims, window trims and floors .

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