It’s May and home owners like yourself should go through the May Property Maintenance Schedule to protect their investment. Overdue? It is never to late to catch up with good maintenance work around your home.

Here are the maintenance things you should do at a minimum:

  1. Check exterior finishes like siding, trims, eavestroughs to ensure they are secure
  2. Check caulking for cracks, detachments and signs of air or water penetration – remove and replaced faulty caulking
  3. Check and reset all the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) in bathrooms, exterior outlets, electrical panel – if you are not electrically inclined get an electrician to do this task
  4. Clean and check windows, screens and hardware
  5. Open outside hose connection and check for leaks
  6. Check whether air intakes and exhaust are clear of debris, nests, etc
  7. Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  8. Lubricate rubber or plastic weatherstrips around doors and operable windows – replace any damaged weatherstrips
  9. Check septic tank system fluid, solids level and pump out if needed
  10. Check for erosion and water pooling around the septic field

Once you have went through all the property maintenance for the month of May, you can throw a BBQ and celebrate summer.

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