Did you know that taking hot showers causes your body to absorb more chlorine and toxins then drinking water from the same chlorinated water supply?

Chlorine is used to kill harmful bacteria in the public watter supply but it is also toxic for you. Many people know this fact and use water filters to remove chlorine from the drinking water. But most of them neglect the truth that taking showers with chlorinated water is even more dangerous.

Taking showers with chlorinated water has many adverse effects:

  • Chlorine is a cosmetic nightmare for both skin and hair. Dry, itchy and prematurely aging skin and dry, brittle hair are among the effects.
  • During the shower chlorine enters the body through enlarged skin pores and through inhalation. Exposure to chlorine is linked to a long list of diseases including heart conditions and various types of cancer.
  • There are also unpleasant short term effects like eyes, nose and throat irritations.

In line filter

A solution is available: shower filters. They are affordable, easy to install and pretty effective in removing chlorine. Some of them are more expensive but they filter a larger range of toxins like heavy metals.

Almost every hardware or home improvement store carries them and you can also buy them online.

In head filter

Installing a shower filter

Most of the time the installation doesn’t require any tools. Some shower filters completely replace the shower head while others have to be inserted behind the shower head.

PTFE tape

  • In both cases the shower head have to be removed.
  • Use white PTFE tape (teflon tape AKA plumber’s tape or thread seal tape) to seal the threads before installing the filter.
  • Install the filter in place and then back the shower head if needed.

That’s it, now you are protected.

Replace filter

Don’t forget to install one for each shower in your house. It is very important tot protect young children from chlorine. Don’t forget, water in bath tubs shall be filtered too!

Each shower filter comes with two main parts:

  • The filter enclosure
  • The replaceable filter

The filter itself is consumable and has to be replaced periodically. The manufacturers will tell you how often to replace the filter but the time also depends on the quality of your tap water. Stay on the safe side and at least replace the filter at the specified term.


Replacing the filter

This is a very simple operation as well. Open the filter enclosure, replace the filter with a new one (don’t forget to remove the filter protective labels or film) and close back the enclosure.

Congratulations, you just took another step on the road to providing a safe home to your family. And it only took about 5 minutes.

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