Your kids already wrote their letters to Santa, you bought your favorite Christmas lights and your are wondering if that old hanger or duct tape is good enough to hold them in place.

Do not spend your time on reinventing the wheel only to get suboptimal results. Here are the top 10 Christmas light clips you can use to get professional results this holiday season including light clips for shingles, gutters, siding, walls and decks.

christmas-light-top-10-christmas-light-clips Quik-Klip


christmas-light-top-10-christmas-light-clips Mini Light Adhesive Clips

Mini Light Adhesive Clips

christmas-light-top-10-christmas-light-clips Christmas Lite Grip

Christmas Lite Grip

christmas-light-top-10-christmas-light-clips Christmas Light Siding Clip

Christmas Light Siding Clip

christmas-light-top-10-christmas-light-clips Mini Lights Shingle Tab Clip

Mini Lights Shingle Tab Clip

christmas-light-top-10-christmas-light-clips Christmas Light Gutter Hook

Christmas Light Gutter Hook

christmas-light-top-10-christmas-light-clips Double String Gutter Hook

Double String Gutter

christmas-light-top-10-christmas-light-clips Christmas Light Holders Deck Clip Hooks

Christmas Light Holders
Deck Clip Hooks

christmas-light-top-10-christmas-light-clips Universal Lite Clip

Universal Lite Clip

christmas-light-top-10-christmas-light-clips C7 Christmas Light Shingle Tab

C7 Christmas Light Shingle Tab

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Here are some things that may lift your Christmas spirits:

Check out what Santa’s elves built all summer long at Santa’s Shop, get your kids to write letters to Santa, and get FREE personalized letters from Santa Claus for each one of them.

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