You would like to get some cool decorations on the walls of your home and you are not sure whether you should apply some wall graphics by using wallpaper, stenciling, hand drawing or wall tattoos. Wall tattoos are extremely easy to apply. In 8 easy steps you can get your favorite wall graphic that you could never get with wallpaper, stenciling, or hand drawing.

What is a Wall Tattoo?

Used for centuries by cultures around the world to express themselves, tattoos seam to be once again at the forefront of fashion today. Wall tattoos can be applied to draw attention to a focal point in your home such as a piece of furniture, or to add an interesting pattern to your living space.

Are Wall Tattoos Good for any Decor Style?

You can find wall tattoos for any home decor style, from contemporary urban style to casual country style and anywhere in between. Wall tattoos bring flexibility and wealth of choice when it comes to choosing the wall graphics, its texture, color and placement. Just leave you imagination unfold.

Required Materials

How to Apply a Wall Tattoo in 8 Easy Steps

  1. Paint the wall with a two coat base paint and allow to dry overnight or per paint’s instructions
  2. Determine and mark the placement place of the wall tattoo by using measuring tape and a piece or chalk or a pencil
  3. Lay the wall tattoo flat on a protected area on its reverse side
  4. Apply low tack spray adhesive on the reverse side of the wall tattoo
  5. Carefully place the wall tattoo onto the wall in the desired place
  6. Use you hands to gently smooth the wall tattoo against the wall
  7. Apply the finishing paint over the wall tattoo with the high density foam roller
  8. Carefully remove the wall tattoo starting from the right top corner or the left top corner

Alternate wall graphics for tenants

If you are a tenant you could get a temporary wall tattoos, also know as removable wall stickers. Removable wall stickers allow you to make your rented space your own while you live there, and then leave it behind exactly as it was when you moved in.

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