My wife thinks we should buy a new TV. Here is what jargon I got after searching the Internet: what tv, which tv, the television, hdtv, lcd, plasma, lcd tv, tv lcd, tvs, led tv, Samsung tv, tvs tv, digital tv, lcdtv, lcd television, best tv, what is the best tv, televisions, LG tv, 3d tv, tv plasma, plasma tv, new tv, best television, Samsung lcd, tv reviews, Philips tv, lcd 32, 42 tv, flat screen, tv price, plasma television, Samsung led tv, tv stands, flat tv, Panasonic tv, Sony, etc

I must admit that my head hurt for at least 1/2 hour… but it all made sense after a bit of reading.

I understand HDTV now. Is the TV set that has at least 1280x720pixels (720p) and if the screen has 1920x1080pixels (1080p) it is marketed as full-HD. I am already impressed.

But what is the difference between the plasma tv , lcd tv and the new led tv?

It appears that plasma TVs are around since the 80s, around StarTrek-era. I am a bit puzzled how such an old technology survived and apparently thrives in the latest 3D television sets.

It appears that the older the plasma TVs got the better the manufacturers got at making these plasma television sets. Now they can function easily up to, hold on to your chair, 100,000 hours (a lifetime I would say, unless you leave it on at all times). Also, by looking at the specs it seams that plasma rocks when it comes to rendering fast moving scenes like your favorite football or hockey game. I almost could not comprehend. 0.0001ms response time? It seams surreal. Yah, they say you could skip your tanning sessions if you get a 65″ plasma tv but who cares, the image is stunning and ultraviolet is good. Other may say that is not good for mother Earth, plasma tv gobbles to much electricity but that’s only a myth, now these TVs are energy-star. A plasma TV sound cool, it is reasonably priced, and does the job superbly.

Here are some excellent plasma TVs:

LCD TVs relatively recent to the market and use, behold, liquid crystals displays (LCD). Hold on. Just like my old pocket calculator? They must have added something because now is in colors and it look very nice. What I gathered is that the speed of these LCD screen is slow in comparison with plasma TVs. Lazy LCD TVs one may say by comparing the 2ms response time of an LCD screen with the 0.0001ms response time of a plasma screen. Uh, so many zeros. It appears that these LCD screens are not that friendly to the environment, so the story goes, since they are are back-lit by fluorescent tubs containing, god forbid, unspecified quantities of mercury. They are good on energy consumption though and all of them got an energy star sticker. The bummer is that there is no 3D in these LCD TVs, just plain old 2D as from the beginning of television but in colors and on a larger and flatter screen. Do not test the hardness of your LCD Tv screen with your finger, you will be disappointed.

Here are some excellent LCD TV sets

LED TV sets? hey, no more poissenous mercury and fluorescent lamps. These slick LED Tv sets use LED, eh … light emitting diodes (cool). The good news is that these tiny lights use only a fraction of the energy used by the plasma TVs and a bit less than the fluorescent lit LCD TV sets. What some sales people forget to mention is that virtually the LCD TV and the LED TV is the same. The only difference is the light source at the back of the LCD screen, fluorescent light versus light emitting diodes (a load of them). So what is good about this LED TVs? They look very thin and sexy. Beyond this there is nothing new under the stars. Some even say that with the introduction of the edge-lit LED panels there is a step backward in terms of picture quality. How really cares after a 12 pack?

If you are willing to pay 1000s more for the same TV set but more thinner and sexy, like most of us, here are some excellent LED TV sets:

Laser TV?! Did I say you can buy such a thing? Yes you can if your are willing to ruin your children’s collage education. It is very expensive and it does not matter since it does not support and will not ever support 3D. Dream for the holography TV set instead.

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